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What they say about us

Below you can read quotes from reviews of our shows.


Broadway World



An evening full of laughter illuminated by fine performances and a smart script

Close-up Culture



The Play with Speeches is a rather damn good play. Off west-end theatre at its best. Catch it if you can – and forget the world for 110 minutes.

London Pub Theatres Magazine


Snappy, sparkling performances. THE PLAY WITH SPEECHES is excellent entertainment

IMG_4708 (1).jpg

Theatre and Other Things

This quirky new show is a joy to watch. The actors' presence and chemistry is delightful and the ending really puts a smile on your face.

The Peg



The charm, warmth and chemistry between the actors themselves under the expert direction of Katherine Reilly makes the whole thing an utterly beguiling delight.

Theatre Reviews



What a fab fun show! This was a little gem! A fabulous performance from the cast and a great script make for a brilliant evening!


Fairy Powered Productions

This is a very funny and clever play, with exceptional comedic performances from Parker and  King.

British Theatre Guide



Woolf’s great accomplishment is to transport the audience to a hall of mirrors where nothing is completely what it seems.

Audience member



My cheeks hurt from laughing last night. Thank you for a joyous evening and for allowing me to giggle manically in the front row

The whole cast was fab.

IMG_4898 (1).jpg

London Pub Theatres

Scripted in rhyming couplets, with clever direction and actors who bring the work alive, this piece plays with words and ideas fluently.

Chris Lilly

Kieran Dee and Phoebe Marshall knocking it out the park at the Hen and Chickens. Excellent fun, and it rhymes.

The Stagey Place

Unique rhyming structure + little Easter Egg snippets to real life creatives, inc. previous work from James, that creates this clever 'Woolf Theatrical Universe'


The Stagey Place

A fantastic and informative evening of entertainment.

Camden New Journal

An array of characters all nimbly and brilliantly played by Darcy Willison. The script is a clever and fast-paced with flashes of razor-sharp comedy.

Standing Ovation Awards

Skewering the gig economy with wit and stellar acting.

The Crumb

A superb call to arms for greater workers' rights. I'd thoroughly recommend you go and see while you can.

Thrifty Theatre

Informative entertaining and awesome. Darcy Willison's performance is captivating. Great script mixing rap and rhythmic dialogue. A must see!

London Pub Theatres Magazine

An altogether admirable hour of theatre, both inspirational and engaging. 



Darcy Willison is an extraordinary powerhouse for the entire performance. Outstanding.

Camden New Journal

Darcy Willison’s performance is a tour de force and she makes it look effortless.

Agricola Theatre

A powerful and entertaining show on the gig economy and the fight for basic employment rights for couriers.

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