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Olive & Stavros

theatre for the damned

We formed Olive & Stavros in 2019 with the intention of producing reactive and relevant theatre that addresses important contemporary topics. We made ourselves a promise that we would always approach issues in engaging ways. Our aesthetic is dynamic theatre that uses the strength of our performers, sound, lighting and music. Theatre that is unfussy and unencumbered by sets and props.

Why theatre for the damned?

We accept that the world is a tough and scary place to be right now. A recent survey established that nearly half of millennials and Gen Z individuals globally say they are stressed all or most of the time. Increasingly, they look around them and wonder what is happening. From housing difficulties to work insecurity, media misinformation to loss of faith in Governments, global pandemics to climate change, we face an unprecedented set of challenges. It’s little wonder that Mind revealed more people have experienced a mental health crisis during the coronavirus pandemic than ever previously recorded.

We believe in making theatre that tackles the real issues around us, but always with a light touch, with humour, and in a direct and uncompromising style.

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